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Welcome to my blog!!! I started BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS about 3 months ago when I started writing my own romance novel. YES! I am an aspiring author. Here’s how that all began …

When the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy was first released, a friend and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say – I was hooked! Hooked on the story and hooked on reading! About three months after I finished the series (for the third time!), a very eclectic group of women and ONE man – MY CLOSEST FRIENDS – formed a book club, and our reading adventure continued! The members of Our Naughty Book Club range in age from 28 to 54 and we continue to meet monthly! Lately, our book of choice has been the book I am writing – my friends have become my editors with everyone having a unique responsibility.

Even though we stopped reading as a group, I read every day. I’ve stopped watching television completely, because I’d rather get lost in a book! And I have ONE rule – it must end happy!! On a typical weekend I usually read three books!

After taking part in a few webinars by some of my favorite authors, reading FIVE books on writing romance and getting published through Kindle Direct Publishing I began writing my own book. I started the BOYS website in the summer of 2013 to start promoting my book. After I promoted the website on FACEBOOK, I received countless messages from friends and friends of friends, for suggestions on what to read. So, I started writing reviews for the books I had read. To date, I’ve put over a 100 reviews up on Amazon and the BOYS website.

A few of my guy friends were put off by the title of my website “BOYS are just BETTER in BOOKS!!” so I said to them “why don’t you join me, write reviews on the books you like, and we can expand and cover all genres of books!” And that’s how GONE READIN’ was born!! Chip, Lori, and Cheryl are joining me on this venture – and we will offer many reviews by guests!

I’m 54 years old and happily married for 30 years on my next anniversary. I have TWO grown children that are very close to being completely out on their own – and I am so very proud of both of them. I am a dedicated middle school MATH teacher and I absolutely love my job. Some days it gets in the way of my reading and writing – but the kids are great and they keep me young! I’m FIVE years away from retiring!

I’m a very passionate reader who gets deeply invested in the books I read if I love them. But I’m quite picky about the books I choose to read – THEY HAVE TO END HAPPY!!
My ideal book involves a love story with a great deal of passion and raw emotion. I love a series that focuses on families because I believe secondary characters give so much life to the principal characters. My books have to have a great plot as well. I despise cliffhangers and will refuse to read books that have them if the sequel isn’t already out. I absolutely LOVE books written from more than one POV and are full of great dialogue. I believe books written in this style give great depth to the characters. Finally, I must know in advance if a book has a happy ending.


I rate all books out of 5 hearts (with a few select ones that surpass even that)

5 hearts = STOLE MY HEART – I would highly recommend the book!

4 hearts = MY HEART IS FULL OF LOVE – I liked the book a lot!
3 hearts = MY HEART LOVES A HAPPY ENDING!! – I kind of liked it but wasn’t completely over the moon about all of it!
2 broken hearts = BROKE MY HEART – I didn’t hate it, but there were definitely a lot of things I didn’t like.
1 broken heart = COMPLETELY BROKE MY HEART – I didn’t like it at all!!

** 6 hearts = COMPLETELY STOLE MY HEART!! – I loved this book … it is the perfect book!!

  1. Sharon H. says:

    I don’t know how to contact you by e-mail and I’m not on social media, so just want to tell you how much I appreciate the article “Personal…Passionate…Politics” you wrote for the Sept issue of 85 South. It was truly a “fair and balanced” essay on issues each voter should be concerned with. Thank you for recommending the web sites Politifact and isidewith; both were very informative and a great way for voters to become more informed on all the issues in an unbiased way.
    Voting is every citizen’s duty, and it is also our duty to be informed voters, gathering information from a variety of unbiased sources.
    Thank you!!!!!

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