A Vision in Time – Now Available!!

A VISION IN TIME trailer is now available!!

May 6, 2015

IMG_1474Tomorrow. I’m a nervous wreck, but I’m so proud of this story. Yesterday I received an email from Kristin at A Beautiful Book Blog who is about 45% into the story. Her message left me in tears because she said, “OMG the ‘I’m going to Kiss you all night”…Holy crap best kissing scene ever in a book…” BEST. MESSAGE. EVER.

The other day I added a little surprise to the end of Mia and Isaac’s story. But because it’s open to preorder, I’m unable to upload the new file until after midnight tonight! Ready or not, here comes Mia and Isaac!

April 24 2015

a vision in time coverLori did it again, and created a beautiful, understated cover that just melts my heart! It seems hard to believe, but the day is almost here! In just a few short days, A Vision in Time will be released to the world and I wait with anxious breath for everyone’s reaction. While similar to Tethered Through Time, Mia and Isaac’s story has a bit more suspense and surprises. My friends at Enticing Journey Promotions have been helping me get the word out, and I’m pleased to say the initial thoughts on Vision are stellar. A Vision in Time already has a few reviews from a couple of my new blogger friends sitting on Goodreads if you would like to check them out. I’m excited to have a first official blog tour, and I’ll be doing several blog take-overs during the month of May! In other news, I started plotting the next two installments of the Time series. First, we’ll get a little novella for Scott and his partner Brandon called It’s About Time. I’m going to delve into something I haven’t attempted before and help so many of my friends celebrate marriage equality in my home state of Florida. I’m also working on Julia’s story, Shattered By Time. Her book has had several title changes, but I think we finally got it right with this one. Julia’s story is heading into an even messier mystery, but Josh (from A Vision in Time) isn’t going anywhere! Both of them have some demons they’ll need to exercise from their past before they can find their HEA. Here we go again!

March 2015

IMG_1438I finished A Vision in Time a few weeks ago and now it sits with the lovely Dawn W. and her red pen in Atlanta. I’ll be working through edits the rest of the month, and Lori is wrapping up the cover. I needed to push back the release by a few weeks, so we won’t see A Vision in Time until the first week of May. April 24th is the COVER RELEASE and the book will be available for pre-order that day! I’m so excited for everything to read Mia and Isaac’s story because this one is a beauty! LOTS OF SUSPENSE! Julia is DEFINITELY getting her own story, Shattered by Time, next year AND I’ve decided to give Emma and Mia’s friend, Scott, his own little novella at Christmas time this year:)

February 15, 2015

A Vision in Time is done! What a different experience I had writing this book. I remember finishing Tethered Through Time and weeping at my my computer. Today, like any other day, I typed “The End.” By February 18 I sent the finished manuscript off to my editor, Dawn. We will do a few exchanges over the next six weeks and go from there.

Right now six copies sit in the hands of my BETAs, and I can’t wait to hear what they think. Emily already finished the entire story. She sent me a text the other night that

(null)  IMG_0133

said “love it! was on the edge of my seat!” The real “Katie” is less cheerleader and will write all over her copy in purple.

Lori is busy with the cover, and I can tell you that this clock and gardenias will grace the front. She asked for a extension to her deadline – something about lighting and flowers and writer’s block. She thinks I’m worried – but I’m not. I trust her completely!

For anyone who was wondering … yes, there will be a third book. Julia is most definitely getting a story. I asked her to be quiet for a week or two while I frame her story – Suspended in Time.

January 5, 2015

b79aaebbaed3ffb8d3d02b7f5d8c352aSo my official 2 week vacation from school is over:( and it was back to work and the real world today.

A Vision in Time is coming along – in fact over the last few days, it seems to writing itself:) I’m writing the “CLIMAX” now. Big scenes! I have to say, although there’s plenty of romance, this one is FULL of suspense. I’ve penned about 72K and I’m sure I’ll have it done my the end of the month. I even came home tonight and wrote a little. I didn’t do anything with the cover over the break- BIG SAD PUPPY DOG FACE right now! BUT … I’m thinking a late March or early April release might be doable. FINGERS CROSSED! And Julia – she’s all over this book. I keep saying that – don’t I?? I never intended to write a third in this series … but never say never:)

P.S. – I love this picture! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this guy’s eyes:)

Christmas Eve Eve 2014

With two weeks off from work, I hope to get A LOT of writing done. In my first three days off, I’ve churned out about 3K words. I was hoping for more. A LOT MORE! I’m writing REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT scenes right now. Big things are happening for and to Mia and Isaac. For those of you who loved Tethered Through Time, Luke is VERY present as the guys plot and plan to catch a few bad guys! BTW – there’s A LOT of bad guys in this one:) Just like Tethered, there’s a bit of a mystical, spiritual twist as Mia definitely “SEES” beyond the here and now. But just like Emma and Luke – when it’s time for souls to meet, there’s nothing on earth that can prevent that from happening. Mia and Isaac are simply meant to be.

Sometimes I stare and this guy when I’m writing Isaac, and THIS PIC prompted an interesting bathtub scene! I’m hoping to also work on the cover over this break and and plan for a late March release. Fingers crossed!

P.S. Julia keeps popping up A LOT in this book – perhaps there is a third story on the horizon??????


December 2014

My intention was to get this page started way back in June, but that never happened! I kept a diary when writing Tethered Through Time, and shared my experiences on the TTT page here at Gone Readin’. So here’s all about the companion to TTT – A Vision in Time.

As of today, December 1st, I’ve penned approximately 62,000 words of Mia and Isaac’s story. I’ve yet to write a synopsis, and details regarding the story are still a closely guarded secret, but Emma, Luke, Katie, Shane, Julia, Rebecca, and Scott will all join Mia and Isaac for some interesting times in Tampa once again. Interestingly, I finally gave Luke’s dad a first name – Charlie. I’m sharing this because he has a little side story that is sure to melt your heart. What I can tell you is – WOW! Mia and Isaac have been fun to write. They are one SEXY couple and at times emotionally taxing. Their story is intense, and full of suspense and secrets as the guys’ get pulled into yet another major case. I’ve set up their tale in a way that Tethered Through Time will not have to be read first, so it’s truly a companion novel.

Last week I hired a professional editor, and I’ve been thinking about what kind of of timepiece belongs on the cover. I can also tell you that clock or watch will be covered by my favorite flower – GARDENIAS! I’m hoping to release in March of 2015. Fingers crossed.

I don’t typically divulge who I’m looking at for inspiration, but these two come out of my picture folder, and sit front and center when I write. What do you think?


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