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Thanks Book Spots & Thoughts!!

Book Spots & Thoughts


Author Jenny Siegel provided me a copy of her debut novel, A Good Girl, and asked me to give it a read in exchange for an honest review.  Here are my thoughts:

Bad girl gone good?  Not the typical path a girl takes, but it’s the one Charlie has promised herself to stay on.   Changing her name to Charlotte is just the beginning.  No more drunken nights spent in a stranger‘s (or two) bed, no more ugly looks from girls at school, and no more trashy outfits.  She’s changing her clothes, moving away to college, and starting over.

At college, she’s paired up with the perfect roommate, Iris.  She’s the ying to Charlotte’s yang; outgoing, popular, friendly.   Much to Charlotte’s surprise, they become fast friends and soon she’s actually doing and becoming everything she promised herself she would.

But then she meets Dominic.  Hot, sexy, musician, and smart;  the guy…

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