Tethered Through Time by BA Dillon – Now Available!

Follow along with me on my journey writing Tethered Through Time…

August 2014

The third PROOF copy arrived today and IT IS PERFECT! With one little push to the magic button, the print copy is now available at the CreateSpace estore and will be available at Amazon in 3-5 days. I’m ready to upload to B&N Nook on August 19th, and will make the book available with iTunes in September. WHAT A RIDE!!

June and July 2014

Working on print copies through CreateSpace. Thank GOD! for my friend, Lori, who somehow managed to format everything to perfection!

May 26 – 2:00-6:00PM

Official book launch – set for a Memorial Day BBQ (just like the book) We devoured many of the dishes mentioned in the book including Chris’s 10-layer chocolate cake, Donna’s Tiramisu, and Lori’s Snickerdoodles! Luke may have been there as well …. we had homemade sauce with meatballs! We also had an exciting game of Pictionary! Unfortunately, a thunderstorm interrupted the burn party!

2014-05-26 14.04.03

May 20 – sometime after 5PM

Today is also my birthday! Here are some pics from our unofficial celebratory book launch and birthday party! I never saw them, but Luke and Emma made an appearance!

2014-05-20 20.32.372014-05-20 20.39.522014-05-20 20.44.49


May 20 @ 12:02am – This is what I posted on Facebook right after I pushed publish!

I pushed publish at 12:02am on May 20 and that alone has changed my life. I couldn’t have done this without my friends, my family and most of all my book buddies. You know who you are – no need to tag. Even if I never make a dime, I’m richer for the experience and the complete and utter blast I had turning this crazy dream into a dream come true.

May 15th – 

Dear Reader:

Tuesday, May 20, is my birthday and will also be the birth of Tethered Through Time. In honor of this special day, here’s a sneak peak. I hope you enjoy reading this as much I enjoyed writing it! Love, BA Dillon

Prologue – Emma -Soul Mate

“Please don’t leave me! I choose you! Will, I choose you!” The shrill in my voice is so loud; I wonder why it hasn’t rattled the entire neighborhood. As I sit in my bed I am out of breath, drenched in my own sweat, and my face is covered with tears. The dream has shaken me again. For three nights, this vision has prevented me from getting a restful sleep, and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing I can do about it. I have never experienced anything like this before – a dream stuck on repeat. The emotions dredged up by this nighttime hallucination are overwhelming, and I have never felt so alone.

“Emma, are you okay? I thought I heard screaming!” My sister Erin questions while sinking down on my mattress next to me.

“Yeah … the damn dream … is back. I’m sorry I woke you again. This is so weird. I bet you’re ready to get home,” I mumble while pushing my hair behind my ears.

“Actually, I was just thinking … I hate to leave tomorrow. I’m more than worried, Emma. The idea of you here all alone and waking up to that kind of terror frightens me. Let’s call Elle in the morning, maybe she can come back and stay for awhile. Also … I really think you should set up another appointment with the grief counselor.”

“Erin, you and Elle can’t keep putting your lives on hold because your little sister is having bad dreams. That’s ridiculous! But I do agree I need to see Dr. Sarah again.”

“Listen, little sister, Elle and I just want to help. Keith’s death was a shock to the entire family. Emma … you were married to him for twenty-four years, it’s gonna take some time to work your way through all your feelings. Keith has only been gone six weeks. With Grace on the other side of the world and KJ away at school, we’re all just worried about you spending so much time alone,” she says softly while reaching for my hands.

“I don’t want my kids knowing about this dream. I want Grace to finish her two years in the Peace Corps without any guilt. Besides, I get to visit her once school is out in June, and we are both looking forward to our three week vacation through Europe. And KJ is almost done. Two more semesters, and I’ll have two college graduates! I want my kids happy … not worrying that their mother is depressed and lonely.”

“I won’t say a thing to either of them, but see the counselor again before you head back to work,” she replies firmly.

“Erin, I’m a counselor, albeit a school counselor … so I know all about the stages of grief. I understand I still need to work through what I’m feeling, and that’s going to take some time. Would you mind making me some tea while I wash my face?”

As soon as Erin leaves my room I sit for a few moments as I’ve done for the last few nights. I temper my breathing, and then drag myself to my bathroom to wash my face. As I stand glaring at myself in the mirror, I make every attempt to remember – what is this dream about? What is chasing me? What am I chasing? I feel extreme sadness – but it’s a different kind of sadness, and I wonder, is this the next stage as I process my grief? Am I screaming for help? I remember a bit more of my dream each night. I remember the house the young woman is standing in front of, and the clothes she’s wearing, but they don’t seem to be from this century. “Weird,” I mumble to myself. But the part that continues to plague me is that I am screaming for a man. Yes, it feels like it’s me screaming for him. And this man isn’t my husband. Tonight, I woke as the man in my dreams kissed the young woman like I’ve never been kissed before, professed his undying love, and then walked away, carrying extreme sadness, down a tree lined path out of her sight. Why do I feel like I am part of this picture? The entire scene is in black and white – playing void of color, and leaves me feeling very empty and perplexed. And that is when I wake up – screaming for Will to return. Who the hell is Will? Why do I think that is me kissing him? And for God’s sake, why do I feel like I’m cheating on my newly dead husband?

“Here’s your tea, Emma.”

“Thanks. I’m really glad you are here, Erin.”

“You okay?”

“I’m as well as a forty-eight year old widow can be. You know … we were in marriage counseling, Erin. I told him seven days before he died that I thought something was missing from our marriage. Now something truly is missing – my husband of twenty-four years is gone. I am in fact completely alone,” I whisper as my tears begin to flow.

“Emma … remember what mom always used to tell us. You’re entitled to feel the way you feel. At that time, that’s how you felt. And give yourself a little credit. You and Keith visited a counselor and were trying to work through your issues. Keith needed to know he wasn’t giving your marriage the attention it deserved.”

“But Erin … I feel so guilty. He died from a massive heart attack. I told him our marriage was in trouble. Did I break his heart?”

“Emma … of course not! Your marriage was in trouble because Keith was a workaholic who spent too much time wining and dining his clients. He died because even though he may have looked healthy on the outside, he was a ticking time bomb on the inside. As far as the state of your marriage … how many birthdays did you and the kids spend alone because he was working or at some conference? For crying out loud Emma, he couldn’t even stop working long enough to go on your anniversary cruise! I’m glad the two of you were working through your problems, but Emma, there were times I just wanted to punch …” She stops her words abruptly and chews on her lips while shaking her head. “Never mind.”

“I know … we certainly were at a low point. Thank you for listening, and for always wanting the best for me.” Wiping away the last of my tears I reach in to give her a tight hug. “I am so blessed to have two loving and devoted sisters. I don’t know how I would be functioning without you and Elle. I have so many great friends, and KJ is still close by. I’ll be okay. Believe me … once I get back to work I’ll be so tired this dream will be kept at bay, and I’ll sleep like a baby! I won’t have time to be sad. I absolutely love my job. I need to get back to work.”

“I know you do. Emma, you’re one hell of a guidance counselor.”

“Thank-you. I’m looking forward to all the craziness a middle school brings. I miss the teachers and the kids so much. If everything goes according to plan … I hope to be back by mid-October. Basically, I just miss being busy. It’s a very simple formula. So … you can stop worrying.”

“And you’ll call Dr. Sarah tomorrow?” she asks with a serious expression.

“I promise … I’ll call. And I’ll make sure I see her at least one more time before I have to go back to work.”

Leaning in to give me another hug Erin cocks her head to one side as she examines my face closely. “Did you burn your lips with the tea? They’re a bit pink and swollen.”

“Now … you need to get some sleep. I think you’re seeing things. Go to bed! You have a long trip home tomorrow.”

“I’m going, I’m going … pleasant dreams!”

“How about … no dreams at all?” I say while laughing lightly. Looking at my teacup, I realize I never drank a drop of my favorite beverage. Wondering what my sister sees on my face, I wiggle out from under my covers and pad over to my vanity. As I glance up at my reflection in the mirror, I notice my lips are swollen and pink. Once again I gasp for air. “I’m seeing things!” I mutter to myself. I make a mental note to call Dr. Sarah first thing in the morning. Maybe she can make some sense of this craziness. As I settle back in my bed, I try to remember more of my dream. I’m completely preoccupied with this mysterious man and woman who haunt my slumber. As I remember the kiss, I drift back to sleep with Will on my mind.

May 8th

Here’s the official sales copy for Tethered Through Time

first ad

When it is time for souls to meet, there is nothing on earth that can prevent it from happening. That’s what Emma Finch realizes after her first encounter with Luke Myers. A confirmed bachelor and undercover cop, Luke has made his job his life. Since his first love died tragically in a car accident, Luke hasn’t been seriously interested in anyone … until he meets Emma.

Emma is navigating life after her husband of 24 years dies suddenly. Her days as a middle school guidance counselor are filled with hormonal teenagers, while her nights are interrupted by a dream stuck on repeat. A chance meeting with the mystifying detective at a Memorial Day barbeque leaves Emma staring into the same grey eyes that haunt her slumber night after night. She knows her dream will unlock a mystery, and that it’s somehow tied to the tattooed, pierced law-enforcer.

As Emma and Luke’s beautiful love story develops, Emma’s dreams become more frequent and frightening. She’s completely convinced that the enigmatic couple she dreams about each night shares an undeniable connection to Luke and his current undercover assignment. Emma and Luke’s bond is so powerful, they both wonder if maybe they’ve met before. What they learn is that time has a wonderful way of showing them what really matters, and that the universe works in mysterious ways.

April 30th …

My book jacket is on PINTEREST!!! WHAT?!!!

April 28th …

Cover release day!!!  I LOVE IT! The watch belonged to my great-grandmother.

Cover - Large(1)

The entire month of April …

Copy edits. My book club pals are now working hard. It seems I have a problem with commas. For the record, I hate commas. Way too many rules! I also seem to have a love affair with the exclamation mark. I’ve been told to tone down the “honey” factor for Emma and Luke’s story. My column, Turn the Page, continues to be well received. I have now written six articles, 4 are published, and one more will be out next week. somehow I’ve managed to continue to go to work every day. I rarely sleep, though.

The entire month of March …

Edits, edits, and rewrites. I’m exhausted, but loving EVERY minute of this adventure. I have also been writing for the paper 85 South and About magazine in Atlanta. My column, Turn the Page has taken offf with great success. I’ve written four columns, and three are published. We shall see where this goes.

February 22, 2014

Editing, editing, editing, editing … I sense a theme here!

February 5, 2014

I sent my first query to a publisher. It took me an hour to push the submit button!

January 18, 2014

I’ve received great feedback from my beta readers, and once again am back to the drawing board for the last two chapters. The storyboard once again has minor changes!

January 4, 2014

Today I completed my application for Tethered Through Time at the US copyright office!!

December 22, 2013

For the past few weeks I have been re-tooling the beginning of my book. I combined a few chapters, wrote one extra chapter for Luke, and decided to name each chapter after a song title from my writing playlist. A friend is working on designing a cover for me, and I offered my manuscript to FOUR new BETA readers. Unlike my bookclub pals, these 4 know nothing about the story, and I’m looking forward to their thoughts.

December 5, 2013

Six months, tired shoulders from sitting at a computer after working all day, reams and reams of paper, 5 printer cartridges, and 91,039 words …

I AM DONE!!! I WROTE A NOVEL and I just completed my application for the US Copyright Office!

November 22, 2013


Here I am – just trying to fulfill a dream. I’ve written 29, TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS of this Cozy Romantic Mystery!! LET THE EDITING BEGIN!! I’ve changed the storyboard 26 times, but I am having a ball!! And these ladies and one gentleman are the greatest friends in the world!! I’ve never felt more supported in my life:) The next best thing would be if I looked ANYTHING like this picture!editing team

Here’s part of my editing team – “my book club” pal “Katie Lou”. She makes some wild suggestions! And when the time comes (pardon the pun), she’ll be editing the sex scenes! Don’t be surprised … there are a few, and this IS a romance novel! Katie Lou sent me a text the other night – and said she called her man who was traveling out of town to tell him how much she loved him – after reading chapter 7!! She enjoys Luke’s conversations with his Dad, and Emma’s talks with her hippy sister!

Here’s part of my editing team – “my book club” pal “Emily”. She’s my name generator, and my head cheerleader!! She spoils me by saying all those things I need to hear to keep writing! SHE’S THE BEST CHEERLEADER EVER!! Besides Donna, she’s the only one who’s read the entire story. Emily texts me after each chapter to tell me her favorite part! She tells me everyday how proud she is of me, and how she can’t wait to find out what happens next. The heroine in the NEXT BOOK is based loosely on Emily!

Here’s part of my editing team – “my book club” pal “Donna”. She’s my idea gal, or if something sounds corny – she gets me back on track! She’s now read the ENTIRE story from the beginning and gets goosebumps every single time!! AND SHE WANTS TO HELP ME WRITE A SECOND BOOK – THE IDEA IS HERS, SO WE’LL BE DOING THIS ONE TOGETHER!! The second book will be a “companion” book, so it can be read as a standalone. We’re writing some SERIOUS fore-shadowing now, and we will continue to pair some interesting teachers with alpha-male cops!!

October 1, 2013


Emma is navigating life after her husband of 24 years dies suddenly. Battling her feelings of loyalty to what was her family, and what she believes is proper behavior for a widow – she meets a man that simply takes her breath away.

Luke, an undercover cop hasn’t had a serious relationship in 24 years. His first love died unexpectedly in a car accident, and he hasn’t been truly interested in anyone since. Until he meets Emma. Their connection is so powerful, they both believe maybe they’ve met before.

To develop a solid relationship, you need two things, chemistry and great timing. The chemistry between Emma and Luke is undeniable – but their timing …. let’s just say, timing’s a bitch!

My Hero – Luke Myers
My Leading Lady – Emma Finch

The world of Emma and Luke

Here are a few tidbits from my upcoming book, Tethered Through Time…

  • It takes awhile for Emma and Luke to finally get together – but when they do – MY, OH MY!!!
  • Emma has a dog named Chloe – named after my son’s girlfriend’s dog!
  • Luke has a dog named Ranger – one of my friend’s husband named him!
  • The character Shane (Luke’s partner) is based on one of my friend’s husband
  • Emma has the GREATEST FRIENDS ON RECORD – they kind of resemble my book club pals and my editing team!!
  • Luke makes dinner for Emma – most of the ingredients come from his garden!
  • The story takes place in Tampa Florida
  • EVERY chapter is titled after a song – MUSIC makes my heart sing:)
  • I’m trying to experience ALMOST everything Luke and Emma do (now don’t let your mind go there!!) Canoe Ride down the Hillsborough River, Dinner at Frenchy’s in Clearwater, Karaoke at Good Time Charleys Bar and Grill and MORE…..

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